Vision X Rescue Case, a heavy duty lighting package for use where power is not available such as disaster areas, avalanches, accidents in the forest etc.
Also used by the defense, mining industry etc.

The bag that everything is mounted into is made ​​of sturdy Polyurethane with wheels and extendable handle. The bag is waterproof and floats in water. The well-known Pelican are the manufacturers of the bag and delivers to the rescue-teams and to the military defense worldwide.

The case has 81cm long legs that easily and quickly folds out and stands firmly on the ground etc. in storms and on uneven surfaces.

A battery is mounted in the bag and a pulse charger that plugs into the wall outlet for charging. The battery is enough to run the lights for more than 8 hours on one single charge.

The lights are two Vision X Dura-460 with a total of 8pcs. x 5 watt LED that gives a total of 4 224 lumens. The LED lights are IP-68 rated; vibration tested and can withstand the weather elements without any problems. Each LED bar can be individually adjusted for optimum light patterns where you need it.

The lights are mounted on a telescopic arm that can be extended up to 2.44 meters.

Vision X Rescue Case is designed to provide illumination during many hours where there was previously impossible.


Flashing yellow LED on base for additional safety
Case: Made of durable Polyurethane, waterproof and floats.
Battery: XPC-400 – 35Ah Battery
Amp hours: 35Ah
Operation temperature: -40° C ~ +80° C
Charging input voltage: 12V DC or 110-220V AC
Charger: Built into the bag
Charge time: 10tim.
Run time: Up to 12 hours one one charge
Lighting rating: IP 68
Lighting lamp housing: Aluminum
Lighting power: 1.67 Amps per lamp
Lighting Lens: Polycarbonate unbreakable
Telescopic max height: 2.44 meters
Measurements folded: 445mm x 203mm x 635mm
Measurements unflded: 813mm x 813mm x 2438mm
Weight: 19.05kg
LED quantity: 2x4pcs. 5W
Watts: 20×2 Tot: 40W
Raw lumens: 2 112×2 Tot: 4 224
Effective lumens: 1 480×2 Tot: 2 960
Light Pattern: 60° (Wide flood)