An on-board electronic control unit (ECU) connects the EGR RollTrac to the vehicle’s electrical and remote central locking systems.

Equipped with intelligent programming, it offers smooth, safe, and variable-speed operation of the roll cover. Its power management system detects drops in vehicle voltage, preserving your remaining battery charge to start your vehicle.

Single touch buttons

On-board controls located on either side of the EGR RollTrac – stop the roll cover in any position

Central locking integration

Integrates directly with central locking

Bright, internal LED

A bright, internal LED automatically lights your load area, giving visibility in dark conditions

Power management system

Power management system intelligently preserves your battery when the voltage gets low

Manual backup key

Manually unlock and operate the roll cover using a backup key if your battery dies

Anti-pinch system

Anti-pinch system protects you from injury and guards your cargo against accidental damage