Vision X, a company that is at the absolute forefront of LED lighting has released the lights with the brand new and unique Prime Drive technology. It provides opportunities to get more light output from the LEDs than previously possible. Vision X Evo Prime is proof that this new technology beats out everything else in terms of both light output and range of an LED lamp. 

Whether you want a large light output and long reach, there is an Evo Prime light that fits your purpose. To get the intensity and the light pattern you desire Evo Prime are using the Prime Drive technology. It is called (PWM) Pulse Width Modulation as the light „pulsating” faster than the eye can perceive, and lowers the operating temperature of the diode. 

When the working temperature gets lowered, the diode works even harder while maintaining overall lifetime and without losing strength after a period of usage.
Prime Drive lights enables diodes to operate at 90 % of full power and still gives the LED a lifespan of 50 000 hours. 

(ETM) Electronic Thermal Management is integrated in the lamp and monitor the heat generation of the diodes to maintain the intensity of the diode and to avoid discoloration, etc. that occurs when the heat gets too high. The optics used in the Evo Prime Series is as much as 90 % optically pure for maximum light output from the LED. Evo Prime is ideal for installation in harsh environments, where both external influences may occur but also dust, moisture and vibration. All Prime lamps are designed to withstand tough day after day usage, including IP-68 rating and vibration tested to 15.6G. 

Assemble Evo Prime on mining equipment, forestry equipment, construction equipment, trucks, or why not on the car, ATV or your boat. All Prime lamps can easily be connected to a dimmer that adjusts the lamp’s light output. Dimmers are available in the Vision X range.

Lamp housing: 6061 aluminum.
Attachment: „Trunnion” mount 105 degree adjustment.
Easy installation with only + & – cables.
Wiring: Plug & play wiring (Deutsch connectors)
Voltage: 9-32 volts.
Small dimensions.
Robust weather applications.
Current consumption: 3.8 Amp at 12 wk
IP Rating: IP68
Vibration Class: 15.6G
Width: 104 mm. (Excluding mounting bracket)
Height: 104 mm. (Excluding mounting bracket)
Depth: 79 mm.
Watt: 45
Number of LED: 9 pcs. x 5W
Raw lumens: 4 752
Effective lumens: 3 330
Lifetime LEDs: 50 000 hours
Drive diodes: 90 % of full power
Lens: Polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable
Optical purity: 90 %
Light pattern: 60° (Wide Flood)